How to protect your apartment from damage that neighbors can cause?



Many of us live in apartment buildings, and our neighbors may not always be kind and friendly. Circumstances may arise that cause your neighbors to cause damage to your property. One of these circumstances is the repair and illegal redevelopment of premises, which are regulated by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
In this connection, the owners of apartments on the floor above may wake up without their gender.
In this situation, first of all, it is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. Next, negotiate, find out the reason for the violation of the load-bearing structures, and possibly conduct an examination.
However, difficulties may arise already at the negotiation stage, so we advise you to seek qualified legal assistance, where specialists will advise you, understand your specific circumstances and explain who you need to contact and how to facilitate the process of obtaining evidence of violations by the owners of neighboring apartments.