Why is it important to know your rights to receive child support?



Divorced from your husband or wife, but you had minor children together and there is no agreement on the payment of alimony. And the ex-husband/wife does not plan to pay anything. You can hurry to upset them!
According to Art. 80 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation: If parents do not provide maintenance to their minor children, funds for the maintenance of minor children (alimony) are collected from the parents in court.
Alimony is money for the maintenance of minor children or adult disabled family members. That is, alimony can be demanded not only for a minor child, but also for oneself.
However, even in such a seemingly simple matter, the help of specialists is needed.
According to judicial practice, most people try to hide their income in order to reduce the share or amount of alimony, or even try to find ways not to pay it. In this connection, difficulties arise in cases of this type