Compensation for plane crash victims

For families who have lost loved ones, the entire process associated with protecting their rights is painful and difficult.

The aviation trial is taking place at a time when families are grieving the loss of loved ones. It may take years before family members are strong enough to deal with such matters. Of course, several months after the sad events, they are unlikely to participate in the trial. Insurance companies know this very well and circle around families, trying to take advantage of it.

This is one of those areas where it is especially important that victims are represented by professionals in their field. When you sit at the negotiating table with a stack of paperwork and sign documents that signify the refusal of further demands, imagine how useful it is to have a strong team on your side.

We know that no matter how high the amount of compensation is, it will not help bring loved ones back. And yet, we believe that the families of the victims deserve the maximum possible payments. In turn, such huge insurance companies as Lloyds of London, Global Aerospace or AIG want to make do with the minimum possible compensation. A typical situation for the inevitable legal battle between representatives of insurers and victims.

When contacting an inexperienced lawyer who has never dealt with aviation cases, the families of victims have a number of questions that remain unanswered. How to make a claim for compensation? What should its size be? What is the best position to take? And, in addition, it is necessary to understand the technical intricacies of aircraft maintenance, structures, piloting, etc.

Most local lawyers do not have experience in aviation matters. Even if they realize that compensation in US courts is much higher than in any other country (because US judges are more favorable towards victims), do they know how to make sure that this case is heard in the US ? Do they have a team of experienced professionals on hand with the goal of maximizing compensation? Who are they in the field of aviation, random people or experts? Do they have the financial ability and desire to finance a costly process in American courts? How do families of victims know how to behave and what to do? That’s when they turn to us.

The primary strategy for victims’ families should be to contact a knowledgeable lawyer who has experience representing clients in aviation matters internationally. If, as a result of the investigation, something turns up that will help move the case to the United States, where maximum compensation can be obtained, we will not miss this opportunity. If the case fails to be tried in the United States, this is not the end. Our lawyers and our American partner law firm remain committed to protecting the client’s interests, regardless of whether the case ends up in court or whether pre-trial resolution of the dispute is the best choice. We and our partners never abandon a client.