Strategy of representing in an aviation case

After receiving compensation under existing international aviation treaties, you can refer to a long list of potentially responsible parties, from whom you can legally obtain compensation if they are found guilty of the incident as a result of the investigation: not only the aircraft owner, operator or manufacturer, but also the leasing company, the airport, the air traffic control service, the repair and maintenance service, the company that refueled the plane before the crash, manufacturers of spare parts, and even electric poles and tracking stations on the route of the aircraft. The list can grow because it is based on a real chain of objective events  that in fact led to a catastrophe.

Whoever is found partially guilty of the tragedy, if the reason for the quality of the product (spare parts, fuel, etc.), there is a possibility of a claim to the manufacturer. If it is an American firm, the claim may be filed at the place of its registration in the United States. Family nationality is not an obstacle for filing a lawsuit in US court. Whether the trial will take place in the United States or will be sent back to the country where it happened, depends on the decision of a particular judge.

The average amount of compensation in the United States can be up to 10 times higher than in France and significantly higher than in Russia and in other countries. Our partner American law firms attract experts to scrutinize all the documentation in order to establish the fact of the companies’ fault, as well as the possibility of a legitimate claim against the American corporation.