The case of the Utair plane crash in Tyumen will be considered by a French court



The Court of Appeal in Toulouse recognized that the claims of relatives of those killed and injured in the crash of the ATR-72 airliner near Tyumen can be considered in French courts.

This is the first precedent in the history of Russian legal practice when it was possible to transfer a dispute over a domestic flight to a foreign court.

During the trial, it turned out that the airliner itself had design flaws in regulating icing on the wings. This made it possible to involve the manufacturing company – the French-Italian concern ATR – in the case. 13 families of those killed and injured refused the additional compensation offered by Utair and filed a claim against ATR and Utair at the place of registration of the aviation concern’s head office.

French courts determined the jurisdiction of the claim for three years, and the first instance initially rejected the plaintiffs. Now victims have a chance of greater compensation than they could receive in Russia.