The first round of negotiations with the Egyptian authorities on compensation took place in Cairo



Our lawyers representing the interests of relatives of Russians killed in the Sinai disaster in 2015 have taken an important step towards justice and compensation for their losses. Recently, the first round of negotiations with the Egyptian authorities took place in Cairo, in which both Russian and Egyptian lawyers took part. These negotiations are aimed at discussing issues of paying compensation to the relatives of the victims of the tragedy.

The crash over Sinai, which occurred on October 31, 2015, became one of the most tragic events in the history of modern aviation. As a result of the terrorist attack, caused by a bomb explosion on board the Airbus A321 aircraft of the Kogalymavia airline, 224 people were killed, most of whom were Russian citizens. This horrific incident left a deep mark on the hearts of many families and caused significant international outrage.

The negotiations, held in Cairo, became a significant stage in the quest of the victims’ relatives to achieve justice. Our lawyers are engaged in active discussions with the Egyptian authorities in an effort to establish fair and adequate compensation for losses. Although the size of the possible payments has not yet been disclosed, discussions continue amid litigation involving claims against Egyptian officials, an airline and an insurance company.

Relatives of the victims have filed lawsuits seeking compensation for the negligence they say led to the tragedy. In their statements, they point to multiple factors that contributed to the crash, including insufficient security measures at Sharm el-Sheikh airport, where the plane took off, and insufficient controls by the airline and authorities. Our lawyers actively support these claims, based on a thorough analysis of the circumstances of the case and international legal standards.

Lawsuits against Egyptian officials, the airline and the insurance company are aimed at establishing responsibility for the incident. During these processes, our lawyers represent the interests of affected families, providing all the necessary evidence and arguments to support their claims. They strive not only to obtain financial compensation, but also to bring those responsible to justice, which is an important step towards restoring justice.

The negotiations in Cairo are just the beginning of a long and complex process. Our lawyers are ready to continue to fight for the rights of relatives of victims, using all available legal mechanisms and international standards. We understand that no amount of monetary compensation can bring back lost loved ones, but fair compensation and holding those responsible accountable are important steps towards achieving justice and preventing similar tragedies in the future.

We will continue to keep the public informed about the progress of negotiations and trials, while supporting victims’ relatives in their efforts to seek justice. Our lawyers are ready to do everything possible to ensure that the Sinai tragedy does not go unpunished, and that families who have lost their loved ones receive adequate compensation for their losses.