Utair plane crash on April 2, 2012 in the city of Tyumen



On April 2, 2012 at 05:33 Moscow time, a tragic plane crash occurred near the city of Tyumen. Immediately after takeoff from Roshchino airport, the plane collided with the ground just 4 km from the end of the runway. As a result of the collision, it collapsed and partially caught fire. There were 39 passengers and 4 crew members on board.

This tragedy claimed the lives of 32 people, and 12 people were hospitalized with various injuries. This terrible incident has caused deep regret and sadness in the hearts of many.

DTK Partners, together with American and French law firms, accepted responsibility for representing the relatives of the deceased passengers in this tragedy. Our goal is to provide justice and support for families who have suffered this terrible loss. We work to provide them with the legal help and support they need during this difficult period of grief and grief.