We started submitting applications to the Belgian Treasury to obtain individual licenses



In light of the imposition of sanctions against the National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russian investors faced a serious problem: their assets were blocked by the Belgian depository Euroclear. These measures caused significant concern among investors, as access to their funds was limited. However, it is possible to mitigate this situation thanks to the European Union regulation, which allows individual applications to be submitted to the Belgian regulator, the Belgian Treasury, in order to obtain individual licenses to unlock assets.

We have started the application process to the Belgian Treasury for these individual licenses. This step is important and necessary, as it allows us to restore access to blocked assets and minimize financial losses for our clients. Filing individual applications is a complex and multi-step process that requires careful preparation and consideration of many legal nuances.

In each application submitted to the Belgian Treasury, we describe in detail the situation of each investor, justify the need to release assets and provide all necessary documentation confirming their legal ownership. Our lawyers carefully study EU regulations and the requirements of Belgian regulators to ensure that applications comply with all necessary standards and increase the chances of a positive decision.

The process of obtaining individual licenses includes several key steps. First, we collect all the necessary information and documents that confirm our clients’ rights to blocked assets. Then our specialists prepare legal justifications and arguments in support of each application. After this, applications are submitted to the Belgian Treasury, where they are carefully checked and examined.

We understand that each case is unique and each claim must be approached individually. That is why our lawyers work closely with each client to ensure that their situation and interests are reflected as accurately as possible in the documents submitted. We are also in constant contact with Belgian regulators to promptly respond to all their requests and provide additional information as required.

Submitting applications to the Belgian Treasury is not only a legal step, but also a strategic one. We hope that our work will help Russian investors regain access to their assets and protect their financial interests. In addition, successfully obtaining individual licenses can set an important precedent that will be useful to other investors facing similar problems.

We will continue to actively work on this issue and keep our clients informed of the progress of their applications. Our lawyers do everything possible to achieve positive results and ensure a fair resolution for each investor. We are confident that our efforts will bear fruit and help restore justice in this difficult situation.