Article published in the Kommersant newspaper



The Kommersant newspaper published an article that drew attention to the tragedy that occurred in 2015. Then the Kogalymavia A321 plane crashed over Sinai, as a result of which many Russians died.

The trial in this case continues and the Cairo Court of Appeal has made an important decision. The court sent the claim of relatives of the deceased Russians to the court of first instance for review. The defendants in this case are the Egyptian authorities, represented by the former prime minister and three members of the government.

According to the plaintiffs, Egyptian officials were criminally negligent in ensuring the safety of preparations for the flight. This allowed terrorists to carry a bomb on board the Russian airliner and detonate it over the Sinai. Relatives of the victims demand that those responsible for the tragedy be brought to justice.

This decision by the Cairo Court of Appeal gives new chances to Russian victims and could lead to important consequences for those responsible for security in Egypt.

Egyptian court returns to A321 crash