Article published in the Kommersant newspaper



An article appeared in the Kommersant newspaper touching on an important aspect of the issue of the plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula. The first court hearings in Egypt on claims worth $90 million filed by relatives of passengers on the Russian airliner A321 became an important step in the search for justice. This tragic incident occurred in the fall of 2015 and left many people in deep grief and shock.

The trial gave many relatives of the victims and victims hope that their rights and interests would be protected. It is important to note that the claim was filed for a significant amount, which indicates the seriousness of the claims against the carrier and the insurance company.

This legal battle is not only a matter of compensation for material damages, but also of moral support for families who have lost loved ones. Relatives of the passengers hope that the trial will lead to those responsible for this tragedy being brought to justice before the law.

The issue of compensation to the Russians was proposed to the Egyptian court.