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We would like to share with you an article published on the website on the occasion of the Kogalymavia airline plane crash in Egypt in 2015. The article, entitled “Relatives of Plane Crash Victims Should Resist Insurance Companies,” contains important insights into how relatives of plane crash victims should protect their rights in the context of insurance claims.

This tragic plane crash, which killed all passengers, left many families in deep grief. However, this article draws attention to the fact that insurance companies may try to persuade relatives of victims to accept insufficient or incomplete benefits from insurance policies. The publication emphasizes the importance of relatives of victims knowing their rights and not agreeing to compromises that do not satisfy their legal demands.

We urge all relatives of victims of plane crashes to be vigilant and not to succumb to the entreaties of insurance companies, and also to seek help from qualified lawyers to protect their interests.

Relatives of plane crash victims should not be persuaded by insurance companies