Advice on advertising legislation

In 2006, the law on advertising came into force (Federal Law of March 13, 2006 No. 38). For the first time in the Russian Federation, vivid and advertising slogans began to be subject to control. Now, each manufacturer or seller of goods must answer for their words.

If the advertising slogan does not meet the requirements of the law, then the manufacturer or seller may be held liable. Art. 14.3 Administrative Code provides for the punishment in the form of an administrative fine up to 800 000 Rub.

So that careless words do not bring significant loss, it is advisable to get legal advice before launching each advertising campaign. Specialists of DTK Partners will help reduce the risk of errors related to the law on advertising.

Legal services

Advertising lawyer services should include:

  • conducting a full legal consultation;
  • verification of the current advertising campaigns of the principal;
  • representation of the client in court in the process of bringing to justice for unfair advertising;
  • preparation of complaints and claims against competitors using illegal methods in advertising.

In 2019, the advertising law turned into a way of harming competitors. Therefore, any mistake you make will be noticed and turned against you. To avoid this, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the formation of an advertising campaign. The lawyers of DTK Partners will help you with this.

What should be avoided when creating advertising?

Consider which methods can harm the advertiser:

  1. The use of comparative adjectives “best”, “most”, “first”. This information will have to be confirmed by the results of a study or focus group analysis.
  2. The use of incomplete or inaccurate information. Information should be clearly true.
  3. 100% guarantee of the result. It must be remembered that in any situation, intervention of a third force is possible. Therefore, a guaranteed result may not occur.
  4. Use of photo and video products that are protected by copyright. When ordering advertising, you must make sure that the rights to the image belong to the performer.
  5. Indication of discounts and promotions without specification. The information should include the region of application, validity period and other data that will be required by the consumer.

This is only part of the rules that legitimate advertisers should use. To get acquainted with other nuances, it is advisable to attract a qualified lawyer.

Why is it necessary to contact DTK Partner?

Obtaining complete and detailed information about the law on advertising will help you reduce the risk of losses for violation of the law. For advice, you can contact DTK Partner.