Aviation law

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Aviation law
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Aviation law

Aviation law is a special branch of law that regulates the services provided in the airspace.

DTK Partners, together with its American partners (leading US law firms specializing in aviation disasters), has experience representing the interests of victims of aircraft accidents. Including against the largest airlines in the world, and manufacturers of aircraft, such as Boeing and Airbus.

We are ready to protect your civic interests violated in the airspace of the Russian Federation and outside our state.

Our specialists in international air law, together with American partners, will be able to ensure the recovery of the highest possible compensation for the victims. For these purposes, we usually file lawsuits against manufacturers and airlines in American and sometimes European courts. Since the western judicial system makes it possible to recover large compensation.

Litigation against giants such as Boeing and Airbus require the use of huge financial and human resources. DTK Partners is ready to bear all the costs of attracting the best world experts in the field of aviation, experts in assessing material and moral harm to prepare a class action lawsuit in the United States and / or Europe.

DTK Partners, together with leading US legal organizations, represented the interests of the A310 aircraft in Irkutsk (2006), the Boeing 737-500 aircraft in Perm (2008), and the Airbus A330 over the Atlantic (2009) d.)., a Boeing 737 of ITEK Air in Kyrgyzstan (2008), an Airbus 310 of Yemenia Air off the Comoros (2009), a Boing 737 of Ethiopian Airlines off the coast of Lebanon (2010), a Boying 737 of Air India Express in India (2010), a private jet Cessna-172 in Bolivia, an airplane ATR-72 airline UTair in Tyumen (2012), Tatarstan Airlines Boying aircraft in Kazan in 2013, Kogalymavia Airlines aircraft in Egypt in 2015, and Flydubai aircraft in Rostov-on-Don in 2016.

Recent years in Russia have been marked by the rapid development of small aviation. Moreover, in this market a significant share is occupied by foreign-made aircraft. But the equipment produced by the most famous foreign companies does not give a one hundred percent guarantee of safety, and, unfortunately, no one is safe from a plane crash.

There are a lot of nuances in aviation law that victims cannot know about. Therefore, to protect their interests, they definitely need a professional lawyer who specializes in aviation law. Only with the help of experienced lawyers is it possible to recover maximum compensation from the culprits.

Aviation law