Compensation for harm caused to life and health of citizens

Every day, more than 2,000 people become visitors to emergency. Each of them received harm to health. Also in this category are victims of road accidents, in different accidents, injuries at work. Some of these citizens have the right to compensation for harm. However, not everyone knows where to turn and how to draw up documents. Lawyers of DTK Partners will help compensate the client for the damage caused to life and health.

Compensation for harm caused to life and health of citizens

A feature of the compensation for harm caused to life and health is the possibility of going to court not only the victim, but also his family. Compensation for  the death of a citizen is received by his relatives.

 As a rule, for compensation for the death  may apply children, parents and spouses. In addition, other dependents have the right to claim compensations.

The law identifies various situations related to causing harm to the life and health of a citizen:

  1. Causing the death to a breadwinner (Article 1088 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). A breadwinner is an employed citizen. The recipients can be children, parents, spouse, dependents. A prerequisite is the disability of the applicant (retirement or minor age, disability).
  2. Causing harm to the life and health of an employee in the workplace (Federal Law of 1998 No. 125). A prerequisite is the absence of employee guilt. He had to fully comply with safety requirements. If the victim acts guilty, no payment is made.
  3. Damage due to traffic accidents. The injured person is entitled to compensation in accordance with Sec. 59 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The law provides for the possibility of imposing payment obligations on persons who are not the causer of harm (insurance companies).

The victim and his heirs have the right to receive:

  • compensation for disability;
  • insurance premium payments;
  • reimbursement of treatment costs;
  • compensation for non-pecuniary damage;
  • Bread winner compensation.

Legal services related to recovery of the compensations for harm caused to life and health of citizens

A qualified lawyer to recover payments in case of harm to the health and life of citizens will provide the following services:

  • help to collect medical documentation;
  • will take part in the execution of the act at the factory;
  • help to prepare evidence base;
  • draw up a statement of claim;
  • represent the interests of the applicant at the hearing;
  • appeals against a negative court decision.

Often the victim of the situation is not only the person who sustained the harm. The defendant may also need legal support. The lawyers  of DTK Partners will provide legal advice and represent your interests in litigation.

Benefits of DTK Partners

In a situation where it is about your health or about getting compensation for the life of a loved one, it is advisable to entrust the matter to professionals. The lawyers of DTK Partner will represent your interests in Moscow and beyond.