Amendment of charter documents

In the process of functioning of the enterprise, it may be necessary to change the name of the company, reduce or increase the authorized capital, amend the Charter, bring the Charter in accordance with the law. It must be remembered that independent change of constituent documents is not allowed. It is necessary to register the changes to the tax authorities at the place of registration of the legal entity, as well as timely notify the bank where the accounts are open. In case of violation of the terms or procedure, the law provides for the imposition of penalties. To avoid liability, you must contact a qualified lawyer in a timely manner. Specialists of DTK Partners will help you quickly and accurately make changes to the charter documents.

Legal support

Changes to the charter documents are necessary in the following cases:

  • When the name of the LLC or other organization changes.
  • The authorized capital is decreasing or increasing.
  • The inconsistencies of the legislation in the constituent documents are eliminated.
  • There is a change in the director of the company or participants.
  • The address of the location of the legal entity is changing.
  • The type of economic activity (OKVED) is changing.
  • Redistributed shares in the authorized capital between participants.
  • The passport details of the founders have changed.
  • The holder of the register of shareholders of AO is changing.

This is only part of the situations when legal support is needed to add additional information to the Charter and other documents of the company. Each of them requires special knowledge and experience.

In addition, additional time will be required to apply to the Federal Tax Service. To make changes in accordance with applicable law, it is advisable to contact a lawyer.

Lawyer services

The specialist will provide the following services for entering corrective information into the charter documents of your company:

  • Conduct an oral or written legal consultation indicating the main issues of the process.
  • It will help in drawing up the minutes of the meeting or decision (if the company has only one owner).
  • Fill out the forms for referral to the IFTS (P13001, P14001 and others).
  • Prepare a package of documents for submission to authorized bodies.
  • Will accompany the registration process with a notary (if necessary).
  • Submit documents to the tax authorities (if there is a notarized power of attorney).
  • Check the documentation if you have made mistakes in filling it out.
  • Organizes courier delivery of a package of documents to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate or to your office.
  • Receive an extract from the register.
  • Notify the credit institution of the changes.

A lawyer can provide only one of these services or register changes on a turn-key basis. In such a situation, you are completely relieved of the need to visit the tax authorities and a banking organization. You just get the finished result. We will prepare the necessary documentation package and develop a new edition of the charter in accordance with applicable law.

Legal assistance from DTK Partners

If you need to quickly, costly and inexpensively make changes to the constituent documentation, then it is advisable to contact DTK Partners in a timely manner. Specialists of DTK Partners have significant experience in the development of charter documents and communication with the tax authorities. Having ordered the “turnkey” service, you do not have to stand in lines and independently collect information and fill out applications. The company provides services in Moscow and other localities. Just leave a request on the website or call the lawyer on duty. Changes to the constituent documents of your organization will be made soon.