Corporate business structuring

The lack of a sound legal structure of the business puts the company at risk of loss.

3 reasons why you need to structure your business:

  1. In the absence of structuring of business processes, there is a risk of losses from the actions of raiders or claims of creditors.
  2. Over the past years, the amount of foreclosure has significantly increased in bringing businessmen and managers to subsidiary liability.
  3. Steadily increasing the amount of additional charges for tax audits of the enterprise. Moreover, when appealing decisions in court, tax authorities will win in 85% of cases.

This issue should be addressed by a qualified specialist. Even if a legal adviser is part of the enterprise, there is no guarantee of developing a quality structure. Not every employee with a legal education has the necessary knowledge. In order to exclude the possibility of financial losses, it is advisable to contact DTK Partners.

The process of legal structuring

Lack of corporate business structuring can result in raider seizure or large financial losses. To implement a competent structure, a specialist should:

  • carry out due diligence of the current system;
  • choose the optimal structure for your business;
  • develop a step-by-step algorithm for a painless transition to a new safe structure;
  • coordinate the algorithm with the owner of the enterprise;
  • conduct legal control over the implementation of the structure;• provide support in the preparation of documents for tax authorities and banking organizations. In the due diligence process, it is necessary to calculate the tax burden, identify property risks, analyze key financial indicators.

Subtleties of legal support

In the process of developing the structure, the lawyer must implement an integrated approach, therefore, it is necessary to consider:

  • requirements of banking organizations (from cash settlement services to lending);
  • features of the industry in which the organization operates (licensing, tenders, government orders);
  • the need for internal financing (taking into account the need for free cash flow).

The term for developing a new model is from 2 to 4 months. The exact period depends on the characteristics of the enterprise.

Why is it necessary to contact DTK Partners?

When choosing a law firm, you must give preference to professionals. The risks are too big in case of insufficient experience with the legal adviser.

DTK Partners has long established itself in the legal services market. Reasons to contact the agency:

  1. You do not receive recommendations, but a step-by-step algorithm of action. Together we are building a step-by-step new structure for your enterprise in order to minimize risks.
  2. Every day, our lawyers implement projects to structure the business. They are completely immersed in the features of the enterprise. We assist in the implementation of the structuring model in practice.
  3. We constantly keep in control of innovations and changes in legislation. Therefore, you will receive only an up-to-date solution.
  4. Only experienced lawyers work in DTK Partners.
  5. The cost of the service is calculated individually, depending on the amount of work. We do not impose services that you do not need.
  6. We operate in Moscow and beyond.

First of all, the lawyer takes into account the interests of the business owner. The purpose of legal structuring is to protect the customer from risks and losses, as well as to ensure property, tax and management security.