Corporate disputes

Corporate disputes in a company may arise at any stage of the existence of a joint stock company or business entity. These may be conflicts between shareholders, between the organization’s management and shareholders, between organization members and third parties. Disputes may arise in the process of reorganization or liquidation, mergers or acquisitions, renewal of statutory documents, or simply in the process of conducting business activities. The conflict can be resolved both in pre-trial order and through court. Regardless of the option chosen, legal support will be required to resolve disputes properly. The lawyers of DTK Partners specialize in resolving corporate conflicts and corporate disputes and are ready to assist you at any time.

When a Business Conflict Attorney is Required?

Legal support for resolving a corporate dispute between an LLC or a public company will be required in the following cases:

  • convening a general meeting;
  • receiving information about the organization or from the shareholder;
  • exclusion of a company participant from its structure;
  • appointment, election of senior management of the company;
  • Establishing the real value of a share in the organization in the event of a participant withdrawing from the company;
  • appeal of decisions of governing bodies;
  • support of large transactions.

Legal services

In the process of resolving a corporate dispute, you may need the following services:

  • preparation of a qualified opinion on the substance of the conflict;
  • representing the interests of the customer at the pre-trial settlement stage;
  • participation in negotiations to resolve the dispute;
  • preparation of an agreement between the parties to the conflict;
  • collection of evidence for going to court;
  • protection of the customer – shareholder in claims of other shareholders or the management of the enterprise;
  • protection of a legal entity in claims of shareholders;
  • contesting decisions of the management of a legal entity, starting from the minutes of the meeting of shareholders to the decision of the general director;
  • contesting transactions concluded by the organization on behalf of shareholders;
  • accompaniment of lawsuits related to violation of rights to shares;
  • control over the execution of the judgment.

Lawyer will take the necessary measures for the pre-trial settlement of the conflict. If the other side does not agree to a peaceful decision, it will help to initiate a lawsuit.

A lawyer can provide advice, draw up an agreement or lawsuit, represent the interests of the client in court. If the applicant so desires, the specialist will fully take over the settlement process. To do this, you need to issue a notarized power of attorney. This will completely free the client from participating in the dispute resolution process.

Legal support from DTK Partners for your business

A feature of a corporate dispute is the need to resolve it at an early stage. The later you attract a lawyer, the more time and money will be needed to resolve the conflict. The ideal solution is a pre-trial settlement. Competent law agency mediators are ready to come to your assistance. If you need a lawyer in corporate disputes in Moscow, then it is advisable to contact DTK Partners. This is a law firm which specializes in solving problems in the business sphere.

Employees of DTK Partners have in-depth knowledge of the law, and also have basic knowledge in psychology, which helps in the process of resolving a corporate dispute. Not every full-time lawyer in an organization can cope with an acute conflict situation.