Enforcement proceedings

And now the applicant’s claim is satisfied, the court decision is received. Justice seems to have triumphed. However, in practice, the next, no less difficult and lengthy stage begins – the compulsory enforcement of court decision. The defendant by all means impedes the proper enforcement of the judgment. At this point, he had already renewed the house to his wife, the car to his mother-in-law, the accounts to children. If the defendant does not have official earnings, the applicant will never receive his money. No less sad is the situation when a citizen has already paid the due debt, and the accounts still remain seized. Inaction of the bailiff can paralyze the company. To avoid this situation, it is advisable to contact the lawyers for enforcement proceedings from DTK Partners in a timely manner.

Legal assistance in enforcement proceedings

Even initiating enforcement proceedings is not always an easy task. The executive document must be sent to the place of residence of the defendant. Therefore, first, it is necessary to establish an authorized department of bailiffs. After that it is necessary to submit an application, writ of execution and bank account details to the bailiffs office. The procedure is complicated if the applicant lives in another city or region. But even after the initiation of enforcement proceedings, bailiffs are in no hurry to collect debt from the defendant. High workload and banal laziness can cause endless delay of collection. The services of a lawyer to support enforcement proceedings are aimed at reducing the period for receiving cash. Persistent control over compliance with deadlines, timely prosecution of performers gives good results. As an additional assistance, a lawyer can provide a service for finding the property of a debtor. It is also possible to challenge the gift contract that the defendant has drawn up in the last 6 months.

Types of Lawyer Services

Lawyer services in enforcement proceedings:

  • written and oral advice on debt collection issues;
  • negotiations with the defendant and his representative for pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • obtaining a writ of execution;
  • Representation of the principal in all debt collection organizations (court, bailiffs office, banking organizations);
  • Departure together with bailiffs to describe the property of the debtor;
  • cooperation with bailiffs specialists in timely collection of debt and additional funds (losses, forfeit);
  • appeal against the inaction of bailiffs employees;
  • monitoring the timely closure of enforcement proceedings;• Representation in court to appeal a court decision that does not meet the interests of the principal;
  • contesting the excessive arrest of property.

Qualified lawyers will tell you the features of the enforcement proceedings in the event of the bankruptcy of the debtor (both an individual and a legal entity). They will also help to resolve the issue if the defendant does not have any property.

Supporting of enforcement proceedings by specialists of DTK Partners

It is believed that no legal services are required at the enforcement stage. But, as practice shows, the likelihood of a quick and hassle-free enforcement of court decision is mainly among those citizens who promptly turned to a lawyer. For debt collection in the framework of enforcement proceedings, it is advisable to contact DTK Partners. Obvious advantages of cooperation with our legal agency:

  1. Experience. Our lawyers have more then 20 years legal experience. 90% of our customers are satisfied with the result.
  2. Quality. Our agency employs professional lawyers. Qualification of specialists will allow you to get the maximum result.
  3. Price. The cost of services is formed based on the individual request of the principal. We do not impose additional services that you do not need.
  4. Confidentiality. You can be sure of the safety of your personal information.

We guarantee that all information that you tell the lawyer is protected from distribution. Employees of DTK Partners operate in Moscow and in other regions.