Representation in arbitration courts

The arbitration court considers disputes between business entities in connection with their entrepreneurial or other economic activities. If you are looking for an arbitration lawyer in Moscow, it is advisable to involve DTK Partners specialists in the proceedings.

Representation in arbitration courts

A feature of the arbitration process is that the court is guided not only by the norms of legislative acts, but also takes into account the prevailing judicial practice.

New episodes of judicial practice are added daily, therefore, when choosing a lawyer in the arbitration process, you must seek a qualified specialist with many years of practice. Only this will help minimize the risks of both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Pre-trial settlement in the arbitration process

For a number of disputes, the Arbitration Code of the Russian Federation provides for the need to comply with the pre-trial settlement procedure. If the parties do not try to resolve the issue in peace, the court will refuse to consider the claim.

Therefore, you must first clarify whether your problem belongs to this category. You can make a claim yourself. It is not advisable to involve a qualified lawyer in solving the problems.

The specialist will help:

  • determine the amount of damage;
  • prepare a claim;
  • transfer it to the defendant;
  • agree on the terms of a settlement agreement;
  • receive a written waiver from the defendant (if any).

As practice shows, 35% of disputes are resolved in pre-trial order. Since the defendant, understanding the results of the process, does not want to further increase the amount of debt.

Protection of interests and representation in the arbitration process

If the pre-trial settlement did not lead to the desired result, then the lawyer will help to initiate a trial.

This will require:

  • create evidence base;
  • prepare a statement of claim;
  • pay state duty;
  • represent the interests of the principal in the arbitration process;
  • appeal the negative decision in the appeal, cassation or supervisory instance.

The arbitration process also includes disputes regarding the entrepreneurial activities of stateless persons and foreign citizens, as well as the economic activities of foreign organizations. Therefore, a specialist must have knowledge in foreign laws.

Assistance from DTK Partners

Our company is composed of  lawyers with experience in the arbitration process and many years of practice. We are responsible for the quality of the services provided.

The lawyers of  DTK Partners have over 20 years of experience in legal practice. We try to constantly improve the quality of services and collect experienced professionals from all over the country.

A feature of our team is the presence of narrow specialists in various fields of jurisprudence. You can be sure that the service will be provided by a lawyer with the appropriate qualifications. An individual approach will be offered to your problem.