Representation in the courts of general jurisdiction

Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to appeal to court to protect their legal rights and interests. The procedure of applying to the court is described in detail in the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. The Code provides the requirements for claims and evidence. However, in practice, this information is not enough. To obtain a positive result, you must have special experience. To solve your problem through the court, you need to hire a qualified lawyer. Assistance in initiating the process can be provided by the lawyers of DTK Partners.

Representation in the courts of general jurisdiction

It is necessary to apply to the court of general jurisdiction if the dispute arose with the participation of an individual. Such courts include magistrates’ courts and district / city courts.

You will need to approach a court of general jurisdiction in the following cases:

  • disputes on compensation for damages (to health, life, as a result of an accident, by neighbors);
  • housing disputes;
  • establishment of ownership;
  • disputes regarding inheritance property;
  • divorce;
  • division of property in the event of a divorce or marriage;
  • disputes regarding children;
  • recognition of a citizen as dead, missing;
  • adoption and cancellation of adoption.
  • Disputes regarding compensation for harm caused to life and health

Thus, almost all disputes involving individuals that cannot be resolved otherwise are resolved in a judicial proceeding.

Legal representation services in courts of general jurisdiction

Representation of a lawyer in court includes:

  • consultation on the initiation of the process;
  • pre-trial settlement (if the law provides for the need to attempt a peaceful settlement);
  • preparation of evidence base (together with the principal);
  • filing a claim;
  • sending documentation to the court;
  • assistance in calculating and paying state fees;
  • Representation of the applicant or defendant in court;
  • preparation of a settlement agreement;
  • preparation of feedback on behalf of the defendant;
  • obtaining a court decision;
  • Forwarding of a writ of execution for enforcement.

In order for a lawyer to represent your interests without your presence, you need to issue a notarized power of attorney. In this case, the applicant or the defendant will not even have to attend the hearing. It is enough to fill out a statement of consideration in its absence.

Advantages of contacting DTK Partners

If you decide to initiate a process in a court of general jurisdiction in Moscow or abroad, it is advisable to involve specialists from the DTK Partners legal agency.

Our advantages:

  1. Experience. Our lawyers have 20 years of experience.
  2. Cost. The total price of the contract depends on the volume of necessary services. We can provide a single service or full support of the process.
  3. Confidentiality. All information that will be received by our lawyers will remain between the lawyer and the principal.