Crimes in economic activities

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Crimes in economic activities
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Criminal offenses in the economical activity

Unfortunately, in recent years a situation has developed in the Russian Federation where criminal prosecution in the economic sphere can be instituted without real evidence. Therefore, any entrepreneur or founders of the organization are not insured against the real term.

In 83% of cases after the initiation of a criminal case, the suspect loses his business. Therefore, the reason for prosecution is not so much real violations as the machinations of competitors.

The lawyers of DTK Partners can provide an ambulance in the event that you are accused of a crime in the economic sphere.

Economic Crimes

Economic crimes are understood to mean serious offenses committed in the field of property, commercial, industrial relations. A crime can be committed by an individual or legal entity.

But only an individual can be held criminally liable. Therefore, the fault of the organization will have to pay a specific person or group of people.

In connection with globalization and the development of high technologies in the field of non-cash transfer of funds and storage of information on electronic servers, international cyber crime has become widely spread, in which both individuals and large corporations can become victims. Along with these crimes, a separate crimes can be the illegal use of trademark and service mark, which can cause great damage to the business reputation of the company producing various types of goods and services.

In the economic sphere, the following crimes can be distinguished:

  1. In the field of business.
  2. In the field of international economy and customs crimes.
  3. In the sphere of commodity-money relations.
  4. Tax crimes.
  5. Illegal use of use of trademark and service mark

Responsibility for crimes in the economic sphere includes heavy fines and real imprisonment.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that if a criminal case for an economic crime has already been opened, then an acquittal will be very difficult to achieve. This is evidenced by the prevailing judicial practice in the country.

Therefore it is very important to involve the lawyer from the very beginning

Legal services

The economic crime lawyer will provide the following services:

  • represent the interests of the suspect at the stage of the preliminary investigation;
  • prepare the principal for investigative actions (interrogations, confrontations);
  • appeals against judicial decisions to institute criminal proceedings;
  • develop a defense strategy in the process to reduce punishment;
  • appeals against a negative judgment.

It is advisable to involve a lawyer at the first sign of a tax audit or the appearance of law enforcement agencies. This will help minimize the consequences.

Assistance of  DTK Partners

The lawyers of DTK Partners for Economic Crimes are versed not only in jurisprudence, but also in the areas of taxes, accounting, auditing, finance and economics. We provide services not only in Moscow, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

The sooner you bring lawyers to your case, the more chances you have to resolve the issue without initiating a criminal case. But even if time is lost, the lawyer will help reduce the possible punishm

Criminal offenses in the economic sphere