Initiation and support appeals to law enforcement

An individual, legal entity or individual entrepreneur may suffer from an economic crime. As you can see, no one is immune from property damage by third parties.

In last years fraudulent schemes flourished in the Russian Federation, in which pensioners and trusting citizens are offered to buy super-filters, cosmetics, bedding and to repair windows. It is not easy to get a law enforcement response in such cases. They send the victim to court to resolve the issue in civil proceedings.

Theft of property of an enterprise or individual entrepreneur in practice is no less common than fraudulent activity. Even if there are clear signs of a crime, the police are trying to ignore the applicant.

In order to obtain legal assistance to victims of an economic crime, to initiate and accompany an appeal to law enforcement agencies, it is advisable to involve a specialist at DTK Partners.

Legal services

Protection of property rights is a personal matter of every citizen and enterprise. Therefore, it is you who should be interested in choosing a competent and qualified lawyer for economic crimes.

An experienced lawyer will provide the following services:

  • hold a consultation on issues of interest to the principal;
  • help with the collection of evidence;
  • represent the interests of the principal when applying to law enforcement agencies;
  • will help to execute statements, complaints and petitions;
  • will take over the communication with law enforcement officers.

Of course, the assistance of a lawyer may be needed at other stages of the investigation and legal proceedings. But first of all, the victim needs to achieve criminal prosecution.

And at the moment of shock from the loss that happened, you can’t always think rationally. Therefore, legal support when applying is simply necessary.

Advantages of contacting DTK Partners

At the moment when you, your relatives and the company need legal support, the specialists of DTK Partners Law Agency will come to your aid.

Our advantages:

  1. We provide services in Moscow, in other Russian regions.
  2. The services of lawyers are carried out exclusively on the basis of an agreement. We are responsible for our actions.
  3. The cost of services is formed depending on the individual request of the client. You pay only for the services that you personally need.
  4. We can provide a single service or accompany the process in full.
  5. Our lawyers have many years of experience in legal cases of economic crimes.