Representation of interests of a principal as a victim in a criminal case

It is believed that legal assistance at all stages of a criminal case for an economic crime is required only to the suspect or accused. And the interests of the victim should be represented by state bodies in the person of the police, investigative bodies and the court. But the legal realities in Russia are such that in order to restore justice the victim needs to independently control the process. The lawyers of DTK Partners will represent the interests of the principal as a victim in a criminal case.

What to do if you have suffered an economic crime

A victim in cases of economic crime is a person whose rights are violated by the actions of third parties.

Both individuals and legal entities can be the victim of economic crime. This status can be assigned to them by resolution of the investigator.

As legal practice shows, most often at all stages of the investigation the rights of the victim are violated. Therefore, passive behavior is not suitable if you want to achieve the restoration of violated rights.

Procedure for the victim:

  1. Identification of violation of rights. At this stage, it is advisable to prepare evidence of the crime.
  2. Appeal to law enforcement agencies. It is necessary to draw up a statement and provide law enforcement officers with the necessary information.
  3. Participation in the pre-investigation audit. At this stage, it is necessary to take an active position, submit applications, provide evidence.
  4. Achieve criminal proceedings. Law enforcement agencies in most cases try to refuse a victim to initiate criminal proceedings.

To represent the interests of the victim at all stages of the process, it is advisable to connect a lawyer. In order for material damage to be fully compensated, it is dangerous to let the situation go by its own accord.

Lawyer services

A qualified lawyer will provide the following services:

  • conduct legal advice on the situation;
  • represent the interests of the principal in law enforcement bodies and in court;
  • will help in the preparation of statements, petitions and evidence;
  • develop a strategy for communication with law enforcement agencies.

Only a lawyer is entitled to represent the interests of an individual, and not only lawyers can represent a legal entity, but also other persons (if there is a power of attorney). Such representatives may include company employees.

Assistance of DTK Partners Law Agency

Criminal cases of economic crimes have their own specifics. To represent the interests of the principal as a victim, it is necessary to attract an experienced specialist.

In Moscow and abroad, you will be supported by specialists from the DTK Partners Law Agency.

We guarantee:

  1. Participation in the process of a qualified lawyer with many years of experience in cases of economic crime.
  2. Complete confidentiality. You can be sure that the information that has become known to the lawyer at any stage of the case is in complete safety.
  3. Reasonable cost. The price under the contract does not depend on the timing of the proceedings.

We put protection of your interests in the first place.