Collection of alimony

When asked about alimony, the majority of citizens provide funds for the maintenance of a minor child in case of divorce of parents. Indeed, most often alimony is recovered for the maintenance of children. However, the law provides for material support for parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and former spouses, as well as stepfather and stepmother.

Moreover, it is not enough to recover alimony, you still need to achieve their payment. Lawyers of DTK Partners will assist in obtaining financial security from relatives.

Collection of alimony

The law provides for the following options for collecting alimony:

  1. Voluntarily. When drawing up an agreement, the consultation of lawyer is required. Indeed, one cannot simply refuse to execute a document. From the moment of notarization, the agreement is endowed with the power of a writ of execution. The document can simply be submitted for enforcement to the bailiffs. Funds will be collected forcibly. Therefore, caution is required when concluding an agreement.
  2. In court. The only option when alimony is collected without the participation of the parties is funds for the child. In other cases, you need to prove that the citizen really needs help.

Since 2019, pre-pensioners are included in the list of citizens who can collect material support from relatives. They can receive payments from children, brothers and sisters, spouses and former spouses.

Legal support services

A qualified lawyer in collecting child support will help you receive payments:

  • from an ex-husband to a pregnant ex-wife or spouse raising a child under 3 years old;
  • from an adult able-bodied child to an disabled parent (disabled person, pensioner and pre-pensioner);
  • from brothers and sisters;
  • from grandparents;
  • with stepson and stepdaughter;
  • from parents and adoptive parents.

Payments can be recovered for both basic and additional expenses. In addition, the law provides for the possibility of receiving alimony over the past 3 years.

A lawyer will help:

  • negotiate with the other party;
  • check agreement;
  • draw up an application for the collection of security through a court order;
  • file a lawsuit to recover funds in court;
  • represent the interests of the principal in court;
  • prepare documentation for the process;
  • provide control over the collection.

Assistance of DTK Partners

Each of the options for collecting alimony has its own nuances. Moreover, in relation to some types of payments (for example, from grandparents to the maintenance of grandchildren), there is practically no judicial practice.

Therefore, to increase the chances of a positive result, it is advisable to involve a lawyer. Employees of DTK Partners Law Agency have many years of experience in collecting material support for relatives.