Deprivation of parental rights

Often, after the dissolution of the marriage, women want to deprive the father of their children parental rights. The main reasons are unwillingness to maintain relationships with minors and avoidance of alimony. But the courts are reluctant to support mothers’ initiative. The lawyers of DTK Partners will assist in obtaining a positive court decision.

Deprivation of parental rights

The law provides a number of grounds for depriving mother and father of rights in relation to minor children:

  1. Alcoholism or drug addiction of the parent. However, the fact of use is not enough. It is necessary to confirm the fact of being registered with a narcologist. But health information is a medical secret. For this, a petition will be required to request this information through the court.
  2. Child abuse. Abuse refers to violence (physical, sexual, psychological) or neglect (refusal to provide food, seasonal clothing, medical care).
  3. Evasion of parental duties. One option is malicious evasion from paying financial security for a child.
  4. Registration of the abandonment of the child in the hospital, medical or social organization. If the term of the minor’s stay in the organization has expired, then the mother or father must pick him up. If parents do not take measures for this, then this equates to failure.
  5. Abuse of maternal or paternal rights. The concept of abuse includes involving a child in committing a crime, engaging in prostitution, drinking alcohol or drugs.
  6. Committing a crime against a child or his relatives (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, spouses of parents). The crime against life and health is taken into account.

The list is exhaustive. But even if there are grounds, the court may refuse to satisfy the claim. Since this measure is used only in exceptional cases.

Services of a lawyer for deprivation of parental rights

A lawyer for deprivation of parental rights will provide the following services:

  • conduct negotiations with the defendant;
  • help in collecting evidence;
  • prepare applications;
  • draw up a statement of claim;
  • help with the payment of duties;
  • will send documents to the court;
  • represent the interests of the principal in the process.

Legal support of DTK Partners

Employees of the DTK Partners can free you from being present in the process. Just issue a notarized power of attorney and you do not have to attend the proceedings.

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