Assistance in customs clearance and logistics

The procedure of customs clearance includes the activities of subjects of foreign economic activity on the movement of goods across state borders of states for its subsequent use or sale.

Each cargo that moves across the border of the Russian Federation is subject to declaration. The procedure for exporting goods abroad is called export, and import into the country is called import.

The process of processing export or import requires the preparation of special documentation. In order to avoid problems with the customs authorities, it is advisable to involve specialists from DTK Partners to assist in customs clearance.

Assistance in customs clearance and logistics

The customs clearance procedure is regulated by law. The owner of the goods must:

  1. Register at customs.
  2. Provide supporting documentation for all types of goods.
  3. Go through the registration process.

The list of documentation varies depending on the legal status of the owner (individual, legal entity or individual entrepreneur), as well as whether the product is exported or imported.

The absence of any document, an error in the declaration may cause the delay in goods at customs for an indefinite period. Therefore, independent actions without special experience can lead to large losses.

Legal services in the field of customs clearance and logistics

The assistance of a lawyer in customs clearance and logistics includes:

  • comprehensive assessment of risks that arise in the process of customs operations;
  • development of a special plan depending on the direction of the customer’s company;
  • protecting the interests of the principal during customs procedures;
  • support for the conclusion and execution of foreign trade agreements;
  • representation of the principal in the courts of general jurisdiction;
  • Representation of client interests in interstate jurisdictional bodies.

Reasons to contact a specialist

Lawyer assistance may be needed daily. Our lawyers in Moscow are ready to support you at any time.

Advantages of DTK Partners specialists:

  1. Implement non-standard approaches to solving customer problems. Moreover, employees act exclusively within the law.
  2. Develop ways to minimize risks.
  3. Offer innovative methods for solving problems in the field of customs clearance and logistics.
  4. Ensure the implementation of the plan, after its approval by the client.