Insurance disputes

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Insurance disputes
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Insurance disputes

Insurance has firmly entered our lives. There are insurance options that we choose ourselves (from a tick, in the case of travel, additional medical insurance). In some cases, we are forced to do this (when applying for a mortgage, when applying for loans, hull insurance). In some cases, the obligation to purchase a policy is assigned by law (OSAGO).

As in any legal field, insurance does not always go smoothly. Moreover, this area is one of the most controversial.
To resolve disputes related to insurance companies, you must choose an experienced lawyer. Employees of the DTK Partners Law Agency will come to your aid.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies can provide up to 20 insurance products. But the disputes surrounding receiving payments are also diverse.
Major insurance disputes:

• refusal to conclude a contract;
• deliberate underestimation of payment in the event of an insured event;
• delay in insurance compensation;
• bankruptcy of the company;
• legal action against the client;
• refusal to accept documents;
• refusal to recognize the case as insurance;
• refusal to take into account certain circumstances;
• termination of the contract unilaterally;
• delaying the time for consideration;
• denial of payment.

This is only part of the situations when disputes may arise between the insured and the insurer. A number of them can be settled in a pretrial order.
As a rule, an insurance company refuses to resolve disputes by the world. Therefore, the client will have to defend his interests in court.
It must be remembered that each insurance company has a whole staff of good lawyers. Therefore, if you do not have the relevant experience, independent actions can lead to a refusal to satisfy the requirements.

Lawyer services in insurance disputes

Your chances of winning will increase significantly if you choose a qualified lawyer for insurance disputes. A competent lawyer will provide you with the following services:
• hold a consultation on the substance of the matter;
• give an analysis of the controversial situation and warn of risks;
• help to apply to the insurance company with a claim;
• represent the interests of the principal when communicating with the insurer;
• help prepare evidence for the court;
• help in organizing the examination;
• draw up a statement of claim;
• will send documents to the court;
• represent your interests in court;
• monitor the timely and full enforcement of the judgment.

You can order one service or a list of services to choose from. But your chances of winning are greatly increased when ordering full legal support at all stages of the dispute.

5 reasons to apply to DTK Partners
Specialists of the DTK Partners agency guarantee:

1. Experience.
2. Reliability.
3. Quality.
4. Confidentiality.
5. Reasonable cost.
Our insurance lawyers have over 20 years of experience in the provision of services in protecting victims of insurance companies. Our activities are carried out not only in Moscow, but also abroad.

Insurance disputes