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Intellectual property
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Intellectual property

The protection of intellectual property in the Russian Federation is gaining momentum in last years. Not so long ago, theft and use of objects protected by copyright and other related rights for profit were widespread in the country.

Almost every holiday agency had life-size puppets in the form of heroes of popular cartoons, any movie could be downloaded on sites on the Internet. This grossly violated the rights of citizens who were the creators of these works and heroes.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between rights to an intellectual property object (work) and directly copyright or patent rights, means of individualization.

The lawyers of the DTK Partners Law Agency will help you understand the intricacies of intellectual property.

Intellectual property

In 2015-2018, several high-profile lawsuits on the protection of intellectual property took place. These include the process in relation to the characters of the cartoon Prostokvashino, as well as the establishment of rights to the characters of the cartoon. As well as the redemption by the organization of the rights to the cartoon characters Smeshariki.

Now the use of any of these heroes is a violation of intellectual property. It is forbidden to use them as a trademark, brand, or for other commercial purposes.

Since 2017, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has determined what exactly constitutes a violation of copyright and related rights. This is the use of objects for commercial purposes or for the general public.

It is forbidden to use musical works even for matinees in kindergartens, if they are conducted with the participation of animators.

However, in order to receive compensation, your rights must be properly registered. To do this, you will need the support of a lawyer.

Legal services

Intellectual property requires timely registration and subsequent protection. Lawyers and patent attorneys of DTK Partners provide preparation and structuring of:

  • contracts for the implementation of research, development and technological works;
  • agreements on the alienation of exclusive rights to trademarks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs, original works, know-how (production secret, trade secret) and licensing agreements in relation to intellectual property items;
  • publishing license agreements;
  • copyright agreements, other agreements in the field of copyright;
  • treaties in respect of related rights;
  • contracts in relation to exclusive rights to inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • contracts in relation to rights to topology of an integrated microcircuit;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • agreements of commercial concession (franchise);
  • treaties concerning the international transfer of patent rights and trade secrets (international transfer of technology).

The lawyers of DTK Partners offer legal support for judicial and arbitration protection:

  • patent and copyright, know-how (production secret, trade secret);
  • exclusive rights to trademarks, company names of the client’s company;
  • the rights to the name, place of origin of the goods and the geographical name, company name of the client’s company;
  • the rights of manufacturers of phonograms, performers, manufacturers of databases, publishers, etc .;
  • from unfair competition in relation to a trademark, name, place of origin of goods and geographic name, client’s company name;
  • from unfair competition in the operation of the reputation and good name (Goodwill) of a trademark, name, place of origin of goods and geographical name, brand name of the client’s company.
  • Our law firm also offers legal support in applying penalties for infringing intellectual property exclusive rights.

Separately, it is necessary to consider the inheritance of copyright and patent rights. As practice shows, heirs often become victims of fraud. Therefore, only participating in the inheritance procedure of a qualified intellectual property lawyer will help you protect your rights.

Support from DTK Partners

Intellectual property refers to special objects of rights. Therefore, to protect them, the lawyer will need special experience. Not always a full-time legal adviser has the knowledge to ensure the preservation of your copyright and patent rights.

The law firm of DTK Partners has the following advantages:

  1. Great judicial practice helps us better defend your interests in court. We have lawyers who specialize specifically in the protection of intellectual property.
  2. The lawyers of DTK Partners will help you wherever you need our support. We provide services both in Moscow and throughout the country and abroad.
  3. An individual approach to the client. You can order one service, or full turnkey support.

We will help you formalize and protect your intellectual property.

Intellectual property