Advice on hiring and firing of employees

For the proper and uninterrupted operation of the enterprise, special attention must be paid to the selection of personnel. But even having picked up suitable candidates, the employer remains in a dilemma: how to properly arrange an employee. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses, it is advisable to get timely advice on hiring and dismissal of employees in the DTK Partners law agency.

Advice on hiring and firing of employees

The owner of the company is always interested in reducing costs. Therefore, before accepting an employee, it is necessary to analyze:

  • whether a full-time employee is needed;
  • whether it is possible to hire employee on a remote site;
  • a position is required on an ongoing basis or temporarily;
  • Is it possible to transfer employees to a patent or IP.

In some cases, the best employment option is an employment contract. But in the process of employee performance, various situations may arise. Therefore, additional agreements may be required.

The situation is not simpler in case of dismissal. The employer must protect not only his interests, but also observe the labor rights of the specialist.

In case of violation of the rights of the employee, he can go to court. This will not only cast a shadow on the reputation of the employer, but also entail unplanned expenses. Timely seeking legal assistance will help you avoid damage.

Legal services for the hiring and dismissal of employees

Advice on hiring and firing employees includes providing advice on the following issues:

  • selection of employment options (employment contract, civil law contract, patent, IP);
  • the feasibility of hiring an employee for a full-time or shortened day;
  • the possibility of combining posts;
  • rules for registration of employees;
  • the possibility of dismissal of an employee under article for violation of labor discipline;
  • rules of dismissal based on a statement of an employee;
  • conditions for staff reductions;
  • rules for dismissal and settlement upon liquidation of an enterprise.

This is only part of the situations where you may need the help of a labor lawyer.

Assistance of DTK Partners

To avoid violations in matters of hiring and dismissing an employee, it is advisable to involve specialists from DTK Partners.