Labor disputes, representation and protection of interests in court

The search for a lawyer in labor law starts from the moment a conflict arises between the employee and the employer. As practice shows, a qualified lawyer may be required by each of the parties. The employer wants to painlessly get rid of the negligent employee. And the specialist wants to return the position and get a salary. The legal agency DTK Partners will help protect the interests of each of the parties.

Labor disputes, representation and protection of interests in court

Labor disputes are related to the process of employment, dismissal, payment of wages and the performance of labor duties. Conflict situations interfere equally with the employee and the employer. One cannot receive money or save work, the second – receives losses due to downtime in the business.

Conflict can be resolved in a pre-trial manner. This will save the time and money of the principal. A qualified lawyer will conduct mediation and help to draw up an agreement that will suit each of the parties.

In this case, you do not have to bear the costs of judicial duty. The pre-trial settlement procedure is much simpler and faster.

If the conflict can no longer be resolved peacefully, then it is necessary to protect your interests in court. In this situation, the specialist will help prepare the appropriate evidence and represent the interests of the principal in the lawsuit.

Lack of experience in litigation may result in denial of action. Therefore, you do not need to save on legal support.

Legal services

The process of settlement of labor disputes requires the following legal services:

  • advice on labor legislation;
  • harmonization of the terms of the peace agreement;
  • mediation;
  • preparation of evidence for the court;
  • representation of the parties in the prosecutor’s office and the Labor Inspectorate;
  • preparation of a statement of claim;
  • representation of the interests of the principal in the trial;
  • appeal of a negative court decision;
  • control over the execution of an executive document.

This is only part of the services that will be needed in the process of resolving a labor dispute. Conflicts between employees and employers are diverse and require an individual approach.

Advantages of DTK Partners

You can get support from a labor dispute attorney in Moscow at DTK Partners. Our advantages:

  1. We work for the result. You do not have to interrupt the business to resolve a dispute with a negligent employee.
  2. We perform duties on the basis of an agreement. From the moment of signing the contract, your question takes priority.
  3. We carry out all agreed activities on a turnkey basis. You can be sure that the volume of services under the contract will be completed in full on time.
  4. We are always in contact with the customer. DTK Partners Agency provides services at any time convenient for you.