Real estate and construction

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Real estate and construction
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Real estate and construction

DTK Partners lawyers provide legal support for the construction of office, retail, residential, warehouse and industrial real estate facilities and infrastructure, assist in legal and financial structuring of real estate transactions and, if necessary, accompany dispute resolution. In particular, we offer the following real estate services:

  • structuring and support of development (greenfield) and redevelopment (brownfield) projects
  • structuring and support of transactions for the entry of investors in the development project
  • support of negotiations, drawing up investment contracts and agreements for participation in shared construction
  • preparation of contract documentation, including the drafting of construction contracts
  • structuring and due diligence of real estate transactions
  • land category change and registration of such changes
  • tax structuring of real estate transactions
  • purchase and sale of real estate, registration of property rights
  • advice on environmental legislation, including coordination with regulatory authorities

Starting construction work without obtaining all the necessary documentation in Russia can have serious consequences:

1. Legal issues: Violating construction laws can lead to administrative and legal fines, as well as criminal cases in the case of serious violations.

2. Termination of work: Regulatory authorities can suspend construction until all necessary documents and permits are provided.

3. Dismantling of structures: In the case of serious violations or construction without permission from the relevant authorities, they may require dismantling of already built structures.

4. Fines and damages: Illegal construction work can lead to financial losses due to fines, possible need for reconstruction or dismantling, as well as legal costs.

5. Damage to the environment and society: Illegal construction work can lead to violation of environmental and urban planning regulations, as well as create a safety threat to others.

In general, starting construction without the appropriate documentation in Russia can cause serious legal, financial and social problems, so it is important to strictly comply with all legal requirements and obtain the necessary permits before starting work.

Changing the category of land plots in Russia requires the following steps:

1. Preparing documentation: Gather the necessary documents, including an application for changing the land category, a technical plan of the plot, the consent of neighbors (if necessary), and other documents specified by local authorities.

2. Contacting the land relations authority: Submit the application and the necessary documents to the land relations authority in your region. In most cases, this will be the district land resources department or another similar authority.

3. Reviewing the application: Your application will be reviewed by the competent authority, which will conduct an examination and assessment of the land plot.

4. Making a decision: Based on the results of the examination, a decision will be made on the possibility of changing the land category. This decision can be positive or negative.

5. Registration of documents: If the decision is positive, a decision on changing the land category will be issued to you.

6. Updating documentation: Update the certificate of title or other documents confirming your rights to the land plot, taking into account the change in the land category.

7. Compliance and Payment: If necessary, comply with additional requirements established by land authorities and pay the relevant fees and charges.