Sanctions law

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Sanctions law
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Sanctions law

Our sanctions law attorneys provide comprehensive services aimed at assisting individuals and legal entities with issues related to economic sanctions.

Here are the main areas of our activity:

Sanctions Law Consultation: We advise clients on the application of international sanctions, analyze risks, and offer strategies for risk mitigation. We help understand how sanctions lists and regimes can affect businesses and individuals.

Sanctions Compliance Strategy Development: Our specialists develop and implement compliance strategies, including creating internal company policies aimed at preventing violations of sanction regimes.

Transaction Audits and Analysis: Lawyers conduct audits of transactions and contracts to identify potential violations of sanctions laws. This includes checking counterparties and transactions for compliance with sanction requirements.

International Transaction Support: Lawyers support international transactions, helping clients avoid violating sanction regimes. They advise on transaction structure and conduct compliance checks against international laws.

Defense in Case of Violations: In case of allegations of sanctions violations, lawyers provide defense, including preparing necessary documents and representing clients’ interests in courts and government agencies.

Delisting Assistance: Lawyers assist clients who have been placed on sanctions lists in seeking their removal. This includes preparing and submitting applications to relevant authorities, as well as conducting negotiations and legal proceedings.

These services enable clients to effectively manage risks associated with sanctions and conduct their activities in accordance with international and national legal norms.

Sanctions law Sanctions law

Sanctions law