Transport accidents

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Transport accidents
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Transport accidents

Vehicles are hazardous. Moreover, both water, rail, and road transport. Enterprises that organize transportation of people are obliged to insure liability for damages. However, in the event of an accident, organizations try to keep silent about the payment of compensation.

Lawyers of the DTK Partners Law Agency will help to receive compensation for damage to persons injured in a traffic accident.

Traffic accident

A transport accident is understood to mean any event in automobile, railway or water transport that arose during the movement of an object due to the actions of personnel or dangerous failures in the operation of a vehicle that caused harm to the life and health of passengers.

When the train brakes sharply, the passenger falls and breaks his arm. This is causing harm. The victim is entitled to compensation.

The accident must be properly documented. The victim must contact the emergency room and report a transport accident. The hospital will forward the information to the appropriate authority (traffic police, water or rail police, depending on the situation).

In a more serious incident, documents are drawn up by the authorities that provided assistance.

Who needs help from a traffic accident lawyer

A wide range of people may need the support of a lawyer:

  • citizens whose health has been harmed in an accident on water, rail or road;
  • persons whose relatives died in the accident;
  • citizens whose property has been harmed;
  • persons suspected of causing harm.

Legal services

When contacting DTK Partners, people who have been in a car accident, on water, rail or road transport may receive the following services:

  • advice on obtaining insurance;
  • consultations on issues of obtaining compensation in a judicial order from the enterprise – owner of the vehicle;
  • preparation of documents for a peaceful settlement;
  • preparation of documents for appeal to the court;
  • representation of the interests of the victim or the perpetrator of the accident in negotiations with representatives of the vehicle owner company;
  • representation of the principal in litigation.

Each incident is not like the other. Therefore, our experts approach each situation individually.

We will develop a protection strategy and help you get compensation for damage.

reasons to contact DTK Partners Law Agency

  1. Cost. The price of the contract is calculated individually depending on the object of the necessary services.
  2. Experience. Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience.
  3. Individual approach. You get the services of a qualified lawyer who is completely immersed in your case.

The Europrotocol is an international document used to register a road traffic accident (RTA) in countries that have signed the Convention on Road Traffic. In Russia, the use of the Europrotocol was introduced to simplify the process of registering an accident, especially in accidents involving foreign citizens or vehicles.

Here are some important aspects of the Europrotocol in Russia:

How it works:
The Europrotocol is a standardized document that is filled out by drivers at the scene of the accident. It contains information about the time and place of the accident, as well as about the drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. Drivers exchange copies of the Europrotocol, which allows the parties involved to have the same information about the accident.

When to use:
The Europrotocol is used in cases of minor accidents, if there are no victims and there is no dispute about guilt. This document is not required if injuries have occurred or if guilt is unclear.

Drivers must carefully fill out the Europrotocol, indicating all the necessary data about the accident. It is important to provide an accurate description of the incident and assess the damage, if possible. Each party must sign and receive a copy of the Europrotocol.

Next steps:
After filling out the Europrotocol, drivers can contact their insurance company to settle the damage. If both parties agree on the facts and circumstances of the accident, the insurance company can make payments for the damage, taking into account the information provided in the Europrotocol.

Important points:
- The Europrotocol must be filled out as accurately and honestly as possible to avoid possible disputes in the future.
- It does not replace the official accident report, which is issued by the traffic police in the event of an accident with victims or controversial circumstances.
- In the event of any disputes or disagreements, it is recommended to contact a lawyer or insurance specialist for advice and protection of your rights.

The Europrotocol is a convenient tool for registering accidents in Russia, simplifying the process of exchanging information and settling damages between drivers. However, it is important to remember that it only applies in certain cases, and in some situations more detailed