Azamat Balmagambetov

Partner, head of Practice in Kazakhstan

Azamat Balmagambetov

Partner, head of Practice in Kazakhstan


  • Commercial (civil) disputes
  • Litigation, arbitration
  • Consulting and case management in criminal and administrative law
  • Production, trade, supply of petroleum products
  • Logistics
  • Tax disputes
  • Business support
  • Migration legislation
  • Government procurement
  • Consulting and case management in criminal and administrative law



  • Kazakh National University named after. al-Farabi (Kazakh State University) Bachelor of Law (specialty – jurisprudence).
  • Eurasian National University named after. L.N. Gumilyov, magistracy (specialty – forensic examination).



  • English

Azamat is a partner and head of the company’s practice in Kazakhstan, with outstanding achievements in legal practice. His experience and knowledge cover a wide range of legal issues, allowing him to effectively represent clients in a variety of industries.

One of the key areas of Azamat’s work is consulting and conducting business related to the production, trade and supply of petroleum products. He has achieved significant success in this area, representing clients in matters of legal compliance, dispute resolution and business process optimization. His deep understanding of industry nuances and ability to provide strategic solutions make him an indispensable partner for companies operating in the oil and gas sector.

In addition, Azamat is actively involved in railway logistics issues. His advice helps companies effectively manage their supply chains, minimize risks and ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Thanks to his efforts, many clients have been able to optimize their logistics operations and increase their competitiveness in the market.

Tax and migration legislation occupies an important place in Azamat’s work. It provides comprehensive support to non-residents opening and running a business in the Republic of Kazakhstan. His advice covers all aspects of tax planning, company registration, obtaining necessary permits and compliance with migration rules. Azamat helps clients not only comply with the law, but also find profitable solutions for effectively doing business in Kazakhstan.

Azamat pays special attention to consulting and business support in the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC). He has in-depth knowledge of AIFC legislation and helps clients successfully integrate into this financial center, ensuring compliance with all requirements and standards. His consultations help attract investment and develop international business in Kazakhstan.

Azamat is also an expert in the field of public procurement legislation. He advises clients on participation in government tenders, helps prepare applications and accompanies all stages of the procurement process. His knowledge and experience allow clients to successfully compete and win tenders while complying with all legal regulations.

In addition, Azamat and his team are among the best specialists in Kazakhstan in the field of civil, administrative and criminal law. He represents clients in courts and arbitration, protecting their interests in the most complex cases. His professionalism, strategic thinking and ability to achieve positive results make him an indispensable lawyer for many companies and individuals.

Azamat is a reliable and experienced lawyer who, thanks to his deep knowledge and many years of experience, helps clients successfully resolve legal issues and achieve their goals. His professional achievements and comprehensive approach to each case make him one of the leading lawyers in Kazakhstan.


– Represented the interests of legal entities in disputes with the tax service, government agencies, and collected cash payments from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Carried out legal work in interaction with international companies such as McDonalds (a chain of fast food restaurants), Caterpillar (a global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment), LUKOIL (an oil company).

– In 2012-2013, he served in the financial police of the Republic of Kazakhstan (investigation of economic crimes).

– In 2013-2020, he served in the military police of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Managed the affairs of Business Petroleum LLP, AsiaChemSintez LLP.