David Kukhalashvili

Managing partner

David Kukhalashvili

Managing partner


  • Corporate law
  • Sanctions law
  • Aviation Law
  • Real estate and construction
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Currency regulation
  • Foreign economic transactions
  • Labor law
  • International private law



  • Faculty of Law St. Petersburg state university
  • Postgraduate Faculty of Law, St. Petersburg State University
  • LL.M from American University, Washington College of Law



  • English
  • Basic French

David is one of the most respected and recognized lawyers of his time, with over 25 years of experience in the legal field. His distinguished career began with an outstanding legal education both in Russia and abroad, providing him with deep knowledge and skills in various areas of law.

At the beginning of his professional journey, David worked in prestigious law firms and international companies, where he provided comprehensive legal support to businesses both within Russia and internationally. In this role, he oversaw large-scale projects, including the construction of shopping centers, preparing all necessary documentation and providing legal support at all stages of project implementation. He also represented the interests of developers and property owners in matters of land use and the purchase and sale of commercial real estate, conducting comprehensive audits and consultations on leasing and zoning.

One of the key areas of his work has been representing the interests of foreign companies in the creation and management of joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. David provided advice on general contracting, financing, and transactions involving the purchase and sale of assets and shares. His expertise included the development of investment agreements with Russian Federation entities, as well as supporting transactions related to the acquisition and leasing of land plots for construction.

David structured legal frameworks for holding companies through offshore entities, facilitating the effective implementation of real estate development projects in Russia. He successfully managed the acquisition of project companies owning land plots and development projects and developed various types of memoranda of understanding with potential investors.

Since 2006, David has focused on protecting the rights of aviation accident victims. His involvement in one of the first cases in Russian history concerning an aviation accident on Russian territory in 2006 successfully brought the case under the jurisdiction of a foreign court. Since then, David has actively represented the interests of aviation accident victims in numerous high-profile cases, including the Aeroflot-Nord plane crash in Perm in 2008, the Air France crash over the Atlantic in 2009, the UTair crash in Tyumen in 2012, the Tatarstan Airlines crash in 2013, the Kogalymavia crash in Egypt in 2015, the FlyDubai crash in Rostov-on-Don in 2016, and many others.

David is a recognized expert in aviation law, which has enabled him to participate in international aviation incidents. Alongside foreign lawyers, he has represented the interests of the relatives of those who perished in aviation accidents involving Ethiopian Airlines in Lebanon in 2010, Air India in India, Yemenia Airlines near the Comoros, and many others.

Through his work on high-profile cases, David has gained widespread recognition. His professional achievements and cases are regularly covered by leading Russian media, and he is often invited to provide comments and interviews on various legal issues.

David is a top-tier lawyer and a recognized expert both in Russia and abroad. His extensive experience, deep knowledge, and professionalism make him one of the most respected specialists in the legal field.


– Creating joint ventures with foreign companies, structuring equipment import deals, and reorganizing a company’s business by transferring assets worth $400 million as a capital contribution to a newly established company. Obtained all necessary approvals from state antitrust authorities and registered shares and issuance reports.

– Negotiated and participated in the merger of four companies.

– Oversaw capital increases and the registration of additional share issuances.

– Conducted comprehensive audits and participated in acquiring controlling stakes in three of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical plants: negotiated and drafted share purchase agreements, obtained all necessary approvals from antitrust authorities, and assisted the new shareholder in transferring ownership rights to the shares.

– Advised shareholders and directors at all stages of business development and continuation regarding business organization, jurisdiction selection, tax issues, corporate governance, commercial and financial operations, and prepared all necessary documentation.

– Worked on shopping center construction projects and prepared the necessary documents.

– Represented developers and property owners in matters of land use and the purchase and sale of commercial real estate.

– Advised foreign companies on commercial transactions with Russian enterprises and investments in Russia.

– Advised foreign companies on acquiring stakes in Russian companies, supported the acquisition of controlling shareholdings, submitted antitrust approvals on behalf of clients, and filed documents in the register for the assignment of property rights to shares.

– Represented the interests of the relatives of aviation accident victims in foreign courts.