Maria Sleptsova

Senior lawyer

Maria Sleptsova

Senior lawyer


  • Bankruptcy



  • Financial University under the

Government of the RF,

Faculty of Law



  • English

Maria is an experienced lawyer with more than four years of experience in the field of bankruptcy. She practices both in bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals, successfully resolving related disputes, such as challenging transactions, collecting losses from persons controlling the debtor, bringing to subsidiary liability and protection from being brought to it.

Maria assists with cases from both the creditor and debtor side, from the filing of an application to the completion of the bankruptcy procedure itself. She effectively interacts with arbitration managers, performing such tasks as preparing an analysis of the debtor’s financial condition, analyzing the debtor’s activities, challenging suspicious transactions on special and general grounds, identifying hidden beneficiaries of the debtor and bringing them to subsidiary liability, returning the debtor’s property to the bankruptcy estate and subsequent its implementation.

In addition, Maria has extensive experience in accompanying clients in the bodies of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of the Russian Federation. Her competencies include appealing against actions and inactions of FSSP officials, which is a frequent occurrence in legal practice. Maria’s professionalism and multi-faceted approach allow her to successfully protect the interests of clients and achieve fair solutions in the most complex bankruptcy cases.


– Challenging the chain of transactions concluded between the debtor and the hidden beneficiary of the company, as a result of challenging which the hidden beneficiary bought the entire register of creditors’ claims.

– Representation and preparation of a position in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the issue of improper notification of the Defendant and challenging the transaction under Art. 61.2 of the Bankruptcy Law.

– Challenging a chain of transactions in a personal bankruptcy case, as a result of which the property of the debtor’s ex-wife was returned to the bankruptcy estate.

– Challenging the execution of the Agreement on the division of property of the spouses (recognizing the receipt as non-monetary).

– Identification of creditors affiliated with the debtor, their subordination in a bankruptcy case, followed by challenging the claim and exclusion from the register of creditors’ claims.