Mikhail Zagaynov

Managing partner

Mikhail Zagaynov

Managing partner


  • Banking and Finance
  • international disputes
  • Foreign economic activity
  • Unfreezing of assets in foreign jurisdictions
  • Commercial (civil) disputes
  • Litigation, arbitration
  • Liabilities arising from causing harm
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal support for the creation, development and support of a business, including in foreign jurisdictions
  • Public-private partnership, commercial concession
  • Information law and digital technologies
  • Copyright
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real estate transactions
  • Criminal law
  • Tax law
  • Sports law


  • St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law
  • Postgraduate studies at St. Petersburg State Technical University, Department of International Business
  • Candidate of Economic Sciences


  • English

Mikhail is one of the most renowned and respected lawyers in Russia, who has also gained international recognition for his high qualifications and successful cases. His professional activities cover a wide range of legal services, from handling major disputes in Russia and abroad to providing legal support for businesses and unfreezing assets.

Mikhail and his team have been involved in resolving complex and significant disputes both in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions. His experience and professionalism have enabled him to represent clients’ interests in various legal matters.

He has successfully defended the interests of the relatives of those who died in air crashes, taking on major airlines, insurance companies, and aircraft manufacturers. Mikhail has also participated in cases against cruise liners, demonstrating his ability to handle international-level cases.

One of Mikhail’s key areas of activity is unfreezing assets in foreign jurisdictions. He has successfully tackled complex tasks related to the return of frozen funds, providing legal protection and support at all stages of the process. His work in this area involves close interaction with international legal institutions and authorities, ensuring a high level of protection for his clients’ interests.

Mikhail provides legal support for large trading, innovative, and other holdings. He handles various legal issues related to the activities of companies, including disputes with tax and other government authorities, as well as bankruptcy procedures. His deep understanding of corporate law and extensive experience allow him to effectively protect business interests and ensure their stable operation.

In handling criminal cases, Mikhail demonstrates a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. He builds defense strategies, collects evidence, prepares applications for initiating criminal cases, and compiles comprehensive pre-investigation materials. Mikhail ensures a comprehensive approach to protecting his clients, helping achieve positive results even in the most challenging cases.

Thanks to his achievements and professionalism, Mikhail often finds himself in the spotlight of leading federal media and television. His cases are regularly covered in the press, and he frequently comments on current legal issues in the media. This underscores his status as an authoritative and respected expert in the field of law.

Mikhail also makes a significant contribution to legal education, teaching at the Faculty of Law at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and sections in textbooks and actively participates in legal conferences, sharing his experience and knowledge with colleagues and students.

Mikhail defended his PhD thesis on “Legal Regulation of Social and Labor Relations between Professional Sports Clubs and Athletes.” This work demonstrates his deep understanding of the specifics of legal regulation in various fields and his commitment to continuous professional development.

Mikhail is a prime example of a lawyer who has not only achieved high results in his profession but also continues to actively develop, striving for new heights in legal science. His cases and professional activities attract interest from both colleagues and the general public.


Provides a wide range of legal services covering various areas of law and international jurisdictions. The most significant areas of activity include the following:

– Legal assistance to victims and relatives of those killed in air crashes: Extensive experience in providing legal support to victims and their families, ensuring fair compensation and protecting their interests in court.

– Organization and conduct of legal proceedings in international courts: Successful representation of clients in courts in the United States, France, Italy, and Egypt, demonstrating a deep understanding of international law and procedural norms.

– Participation in cases of air crashes in various regions: Participated in cases of air crashes in Irkutsk, Perm, Tyumen, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, as well as in crashes over the Atlantic (Air France flight), Sinai (Egypt), Moscow (Sheremetyevo), and Nepal, demonstrating the ability to handle highly complex and significant cases.

– Legal assistance to victims of the Costa Concordia cruise liner disaster in Italy: Provided legal support to victims of one of the largest cruise liner disasters, ensuring the protection of their rights and interests.

– Unblocking assets of Russian citizens in the Belgian Treasury and American regulator (OFAC): Experience in unblocking assets of Russian citizens frozen in international financial institutions such as Euroclear, as well as working with American regulators.

– Development, implementation, and support of mechanisms regulating relationships between clubs and athletes: Engages in the creation and support of legal mechanisms that regulate the relationships between sports clubs and their athletes, ensuring compliance with all rights and obligations of the parties.

– Protection against hostile takeovers and mergers: Successfully defending clients’ interests in cases of hostile takeovers and mergers, developing strategies for defense and risk minimization for businesses.

Each of these areas of activity confirms a high level of professionalism and competence, the ability to solve complex legal problems, and protect clients’ interests at the highest level.