legal support of company activity

Legal support of legal entities requires special knowledge from a lawyer. Ability to work with contracts, understanding of the arbitration process and other specific aspects of the business. Moreover, many knowledge appears only in the process of practice. Not every company can afford a full-time lawyer. A good specialist needs high wages, which is not available to everyone. An alternative is to conclude a contract for ongoing legal support of the activity.

Why is legal support of entrepreneurial activity necessary?

Any company needs the services of a lawyer. If there is no opportunity to hire a full-time lawyer, then you need to turn to the service of permanent legal support.

A permanent specialist monitors the current situation, complies with the deadlines established by law. One-time consultations with various specialists can lead to inconsistency in the actions of the company.

This option will allow:

  • keep under control the legal issues of the enterprise;
  • use the services of a highly qualified lawyer at a lower cost compared to a full-time specialist (less labor costs, no vacation pay, significant savings in taxes and other obligatory payments, on equipment of a workplace, etc.);
  • receive legal services from consultation to representation in court under one contract.

The presence of a full-time lawyer is not a reason to abandon the idea of legal support. An employee cannot possess such a volume of knowledge as a specialized company. And most importantly, in the case of an urgent legal issue, you do not have to look for a specialist. Simply contact a personal consultant.

Legal support services for enterprises

Legal support services for the company include:

  • legal advice on all matters related to doing business (labor, tax, corporate);
  • legal support of paperwork (preparation, verification and approval of contracts);
  • support of individual business events and projects (legal risk assessment);
  • legal support of litigation (consultation, preparation of claims, reviews, evidence, representation in court, appeal of negative court decisions, control over the execution of positive decisions);
  • participation in negotiations (both on the territory of the customer, and with travel outside the city);
  • legal review of contracts;
  • analysis of the current activities of the company for compliance with the norms of the law (maintenance of registration of necessary licenses and permits);
  • analysis of charter documents (preparation and registration of changes);
  • pre-trial settlement of conflicts;
  • mediation on controversial issues.

At the end of the contract, you will receive a report on the activities carried out and a list of recommendations.

Advantages of legal support by DTK Partner Specialists

The lawyers of  DTK Partners are a reliable team for long-term cooperation. You can be sure of your choice.

6 reasons to apply to DTK Partners:

  • a reliable company operating on the market for more than 10 years;• each client who has entered into a long-term service contract is assigned a personal lawyer;
  • you get legal support at a time convenient for you;
  • the cost of services under a long-term contract is much lower than one-time consultations;
  • the contract includes a full range of services that you really need;
  • Our customers are located not only in Moscow, but also throughout the country and abroad.

Thus, you plan your contract yourself. We are ready to provide you with both full legal support for the company, as well as one-time consultations on issues that are of particular interest to you. The cost of a lawyer’s services under a contract directly depends on the service option you have chosen. Since the conclusion of the contract, the lawyers are always on guard of your business.