Registration of intellectual property

In the Russian Federation, protection of intellectual property rights is not a popular one. Therefore, authors often become victims of people who want to use the results of copyright work at no cost to obtain their own commercial benefits.

The first step in protecting intellectual property rights is registration. Only after receiving a certificate can the author or inventor protect his work from illegal encroachments.

Assistance in registration of registration of intellectual property rights and their protection is one of the areas of activity of DTK Partners. Our experts will assist you at any time convenient for you.

Registration of intellectual property rights

The procedure for registering intellectual property rights includes:

  1. Obtaining legal advice in order to identify the reasons for the absolute refusal.
  2. Issuance of power of attorney to the patent attorney to represent your interests.
  3. Checking the work on the bases to identify similar or similar to confusion.
  4. When identifying similar ones – referral for revision (if possible).
  5. Filing an application for registration.
  6. Payment of state duty for filing an application.
  7. Obtaining a positive decision on the examination.
  8. Obtaining a certificate of registration.

The registration process takes about a year. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to register intellectual property rights.

Legal services

Lawyer services will be needed in the following situations:

  • registration of trademarks and service marks;
  • domain name protection;
  • development of a license agreement;
  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • protection of trade secrets;
  • registration of rights to know-how;
  • Representation in court.

Before registration, you will need to analyze the situation, check the possibility of registering rights to a specific work, and obtain an opinion on the prospects of the case. In the event of a clear violation of your rights, you will need to protect your interests in court.

Assistance of DTK Partners

The procedure for registering intellectual property rights is provided for by law. If the author fails to take the necessary actions in a timely manner, then outsiders will be able to use him for their own purposes for profit. You can avoid gross violations of your interests by contacting the DTK Partners Law Agency.

The cost of services directly depends on the volume of services that are needed to solve your problem. We are ready to perform a single service or to carry out a turnkey registration.

We provide our services in Moscow and beyond. DTK Partners specialists are ready to help if you need international registration of a trademark.