Legal support of transactions with commercial real estate

Almost every company wants to own or lease commercial property. These industrial and commercial areas that are of high cost. On the one hand, commercial real estate is a liquid commodity. On the other, fertile ground for scammers. A qualified lawyer will help to minimize risks during the execution of the contract. The lawyers of DTK Partners are ready to assist you in the process of acquiring an office, warehouse or other industrial premises.

Legal support for the acquisition of real estate

Before making a deal, the buyer takes into account the location of the object, its area, characteristics. Having negotiated a price with the owner, you are ready to transfer the money. Do not rush.

The following risks await you:

  • the object is encumbered with the rights of third parties;
  • the premises are pledged or leased;
  • the seller does not have title to the premises;
  • a land plot under an object owned by a third party;
  • a proxy acts on behalf of the seller;

This is only part of the risks that await the buyer. But the seller of commercial real estate is not immune to losses. A popular situation is a fraud in the transfer of funds or intentional errors in the contract.

A specialist of DTK Partners can reduce risks and hedge in a complex transaction.

Services of a lawyer in support of transactions with commercial real estate

Legal services for the purchase of commercial real estate include:

  1. Verification of the legal purity of the transaction.
  2. Representation of the principal in negotiations.
  3. Assistance in drawing up a preliminary contract of sale.
  4. Drawing up the main contract.
  5. Registration of the transfer-acceptance act.
  6. Conducting state registration of the transaction.

Depending on the individual needs of the client, the provision of additional services is possible. If necessary, the specialists of DTK Partners will take over the full support of the transaction. We will free you from collecting documents and visiting government agencies.

Legal assistance of DTK Partners

An important step is to check the object for encumbrances, and the seller for ownership. Independent actions in this direction do not always bring positive results.

In the presence of a notarized power of attorney, the lawyers of DTK Partners can represent the interests of the principal even without his presence. This will save you time and effort.

To fix the agreements reached, it is advisable to draw up a preliminary contract. But this is a legal document. Failure to perform it may entail negative consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to approach its preparation responsibly.

In order to minimize risks, it is advisable to involve employees of the DTK Partners law agency to accompany the transaction. We operate in Moscow and throughout the country.