Consequences of the plane crash

Such disasters as the crash of flight 409 of Ethiopian airlines in the Mediterranean on January 25, 2010, where 90 people died, or flight 447 of the airline “Air France” vividly remind us how dangerous air travel is, and makes us think about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

How to cope with the severity of loss for families that have lost their loved ones? If the life of the deceased was insured, perhaps this would be a kind of small immediate support; However, the compensation received under a life insurance may be negligible compared to the amount that the families of the deceased may receive from the commercial companies responsible for the accident. In addition, airlines and commercial companies have billions in aviation risk coverage from such insurance companies as Lloyds of London, Global Aerospace, or AIG.

Yet insurance can help financially, but moral support can also be obtained through participation in the Association of Families.

A large number of participants makes the association stronger; but each family remains individual. The purpose of the association is not to choose a lawyer or to vote on the choice of a lawyer.

The choice of a lawyer is a personal matter of each family, as well as the confidentiality of everything related to the case materials.

  • Our lawyers are committed to the interests of each client individually
  • The materials of each case are confidential.
  • Each aviation case is individual and unique from beginning to end

Each case must be submitted to the judge and / or insurance company or companies individually, based on the age, occupation of the deceased, income and expenses of the deceased and his family members.