Advice in organizing the economic activities of the company for avoiding criminal prosecution

Organizing own business (regardless of the type of activity), the founder receives a lot of problems. On the one hand, it is necessary to concern itself with the issues of employment of workers and ensuring their labor rights, and on the other, problems with the tax, Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and other organizations. Endless reporting, contracts, purchases form a single com, which the founder has to bear on his shoulders.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a number of insignificant, at first glance, little things can slip away from the attention of the new businessman.

However, the consequence of such carelessness could be criminal prosecution. Popular reasons to hold accountable:

  1. Illegal business. The organization has already developed rapid activity, but has not yet managed to draw up documents.
  2. Illicit trafficking and sale of alcohol-containing products without a license. A popular offense in bars and shops.
  3. Investment activity without relevant documents.

This is only part of the violations that will entail criminal liability from a large fine to real imprisonment.

Therefore, before organizing the economic activity of the enterprise, it is advisable to get the help of a lawyer.

Legal assistance in organizing economic activities

When starting and running a business, legal advice is required when organizing the economic activities of the company to reduce the risks of criminal prosecution.

This activity includes a whole range of activities aimed at:

  • increasing the legal literacy of the top management of the enterprise;
  • legal advice on issues of the organization;
  • verification of statutory and other local regulatory acts of the enterprise;
  • verification of compliance with the law of contracts;
  • assistance in registration of activities, obtaining the necessary licenses and other support options (depending on the scope of the customer).

The data list is not exhaustive. Based on the features of the principal, additional services may be required.

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