Building a personnel accounting system and company contract system

The employment relationship between the employee and the employer must be governed by law. In order to get lost in a heap of documents necessary for employment and fulfillment of duties by each employee, it is advisable to build a competent personnel accounting system. The lawyers of DTK Partners will help you with this.

Building a personnel accounting system and company contract system

Personnel accounting is a set of measures aimed at the formation of legally competent labor relations between employees and the employer. It includes paperwork for the admission of new specialists, the formation of personal files and many other nuances without which a modern enterprise cannot exist.

To avoid errors, it is advisable to systematize accounting. If you create a high-quality system, in the future it is enough to only follow the established rules.

The process of functioning of the company is carried out on a contractual basis. Contracts are concluded with each of the employees, with service enterprises, with partners. Therefore, each organization should have a system of contracts for the transparent implementation of activities.

Finding a competent HR specialist who can independently organize work is not easy. In addition, the activities of a qualified specialist require significant financial costs.

In this case, you can simply develop templates of contracts for various situations. This will optimize activities and not inflate staff.

To build a competent system will require the help of a qualified specialist.

Legal Services

Building a personnel accounting system and a company contract system requires the following services of a lawyer:

  • preparation of a model employment contract;
  • development of individual contracts with employees, taking into account the specifics of their job responsibilities;
  • development of draft orders;
  • development of mandatory documentation that governs labor relations between the enterprise and employees;
  • development of staffing;
  • preparation and implementation of the Internal Rules;
  • consultation with employees on compliance with labor law.

This is only part of the processes that need to be prepared in order for the enterprise to function without violating the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. To prepare a well-functioning system, it is necessary to find a competent labor lawyer.

Why is it necessary to seek help from DTK Partners?

  1. Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience. Our employees have significant experience and monitor all changes in labor laws.
  2. We are not afraid of innovations. Our experts will advise you on reasonable and modern methods of maintaining personnel records.
  3. Our customers are happy to cooperate with us. During the period of the company’s functioning, we have many satisfied customers in Moscow and in other Russian regions.
  4. We save your money. It is easier and cheaper to order a systematization of personnel records and company contracts once than to regularly receive damage for violation of the law.