Appeal of court decisions

The moment the court announces the court decision puts an end to the proceedings. This is a turning point in the process. The plaintiff and defendant understand whether their arguments have been heard.

But the law allows a party not satisfied with the outcome of the proceedings to challenge a negative judgment. However, independent actions do not always lead to the desired result. In order to avoid mistakes when filing a cassation or appeal, it is advisable to involve the lawyers of the DTK Partners Law Agency.

Appeal of court decisions

Appealing a court decision has a number of nuances. A parties must comply with the deadlines established by laws. Moreover, the deadline for appeal varies depending on the type of complaint and the procedure for conducting the hearing.

For example, an appeal is filed within 30 days of the announcement of the judgment, and a cassation appeal – within 3 months from the date of the entry into force of the decision.

The complaint against the decision of the magistrate’s Court is referred to the district court. But initially it must be sent to the court.

Furthermore, the complaint must be substantiated. The applicant must indicate in it information that has not been examined or taken into account by the court of first instance.

In a number of cases, a citizen sets up an appeal, although the case will certainly not be reviewed. A competent lawyer will save the client from unnecessary financial or time costs

The appeal procedure is no less, and may be more complicated, than a simple trial. Therefore, to protect their own interests, it is necessary to attract a lawyer.

Legal services

The appeal process requires the following legal services:

  • examine of the judgment and analysis of the possibility of appeal;
  • collection and preparation of evidence;
  • preparation of a complaint;
  • sending documents to the court;
  • Representation of the applicant in litigation;
  • restoration of missed deadlines for filing a complaint (if necessary).

Judicial practice knows many examples when a complaint submitted on time changed the course of a trial. In some cases, the plaintiff reached the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, but received the desired result.

Assistance of DTK Partners

It is advisable to entrust the appeal of a court decision in a civil case to professionals. The lawyers of DTK Partners have many years of experience in filing appeals and cassations, so you can be sure of the experience of our employees.

The specialists of UTK Partners guarantee the confidentiality of the information received. Trust is the foundation of our work.

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